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Remember that time we...

Normality in the restaurant, hospitality and private dining industry seems like a distant memory.

"Remember the time we all got together. We ate, drank and laughed so hard our sides hurt...oh those were the good old days"

Well, you'll be pleased to know those days will soon be returning albeit at a slow and cautious pace. Restaurants are desperately seeking a return of their patrons and so are we. With all the precautions being taken for people to enjoy their social occasions in a safe and responsible manner we've seen some extensive steps taken to ensure health & safety is of the utmost importance. From face masks and hand sanitisers to strict reservation policies and completing contact details upon arrival the industry as a whole is being hugely responsible. Admittedly we're all a bit tentative to go out and engage with the outside world and interact with strangers but at the same time so very desperate to do so!


I personally have found some real positives with our lives being put on a temporary pause. Spent some really valuable time with my wife and young family. Time which you will never be able to get back and for that I am actually quite grateful. In our busy careers we often don't realise how little time we get to spend with the little people in our lives. A couple hours in the morning and a few more in the evening with the bulk of their days being spent in school or nursery. So in that sense I am certainly winning at life. On the business end of things, well that's a different case entirely and yet still some positives believe it or not.

We're not the stand still kind of people and our entrepreneurial spirit has been keeping us engaged and hungry to be innovative and progressive. We've had the time to revisit our value chain and help increase business efficiency. By doing this we've developed two new companies which we will take to market in September, very exciting for all involved. Most relevant though is we've further developed our Private Dining Reservations brand, our service offering, a total overhaul of the website and successfully re-positioned the brand. All this has brought us to this point. We're delighted to have had some real time to spend getting geared up for the inevitable return to normality and most importantly....

"the good old days" where we gather, socialise, share experiences together.

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Stay safe, stay awesome!

All the best,


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